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Equipment – Sonder Eyes



When we customize a project for you we want you to know exactly how your budget is to be spent. With no hidden fees you can be confident in knowing that you’re not paying for things that you don’t need. Already have your own video crew and just need to hire one of our experienced live streaming technicians? No problem. Sonder Eyes will provide you with a detailed spreadsheet showing you exactly what gear and personale we believe is required to get the job done. 

  • Stages & Events – Speaker Arrays, Wireless Audio, Truss Systems, Lighting, Stages, Displays, Broadcasting Equipment, PTZ Cameras, Sound Boards, Pipe and Drape, Speakers, Microphones

  • Production Equipment – Cameras, Lighting, Grip, Audio, Broadcasting, Converters, Monitors, Tripods, 360 VR, Sliders, Gimbals, Drones

  • Corporate – Conference Rooms, Projectors, Screens, Ceiling Speakers, Audio and Video Conferencing, Room Integrations, Matrixes

  • Hospitality – Conference Rooms, Projectors, Screens, Lighting, Staging, Events, Speakers, Microphones, Broadcasting, Truss

  • Broadcasting – Broadcast Studios, Video Streaming, Vlog, Monitoring, Cameras, Custom Designs

  • 360 VT – 360 Camera Rigs, Post Production Training, 360 Streaming, 360 Video Production, VR Goggles, 360 3D

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Sonder is the profound realization that there are millions of stories happening all at once, around each other, oblivious and contained from one another. Everyone you meet, even a stranger, lives a life as vivid and complex as your own.

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