What we do?

Sonder Eyes is a hybrid between an agency and a production company. We provide services more commonly offered by ad agencies (creative direction, concepts, storyboards) in addition to more traditional production company services like shooting and post-production. All work is managed by a lean, core group of experienced creatives – and tailored to match the scope and requirements of each project. Not every job requires professional actors, make-up, wardrobe, drones, or specialized camera equipment. Our efficient approach ensures you don’t pay for things you don’t need.



The Sonder Eyes team has created film, photography, and video projects for some of the world’s leading travel brands and advertising agencies. Our differentiation is our world-class storytelling, internationally diverse team, and our expertise around web and social content. 

            Livestream Multi-Cam



            Livestream                Multi-Cam

We have the ability to livestream multiple-camera switched content to a company website or the platform of your choice. Unique to Sonder Eyes is our ability to restart or delay individual live streams per platform independently of one another if required during the live production or broadcast.

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            Dynamic Camera Movement

Dynamic Camera Movement




Jib, drone, underwater housing, and dolly camera options are available for dynamic camera movement that will hypnotize your audience.

           Motion Graphics

        Motion Graphics

      Motion        Graphics

Express, emote, connect and convey your ideas and stories with motion graphics. Our team provides 2D and 3D Art production as well as keyframe and motion capture animation.

Audiovisual – Event Production

Audiovisual – Event Production

           Audiovisual – Event Production

From daytime projection systems to 3D projection mapping, holographic video, & mobile drive-ins we got you covered!

How do we work?

In each situation, we determine a package of offerings based on an existing budget. This package is designed to deliver the most utility to the organization, in alignment with your marketing goals. Our services often include:

  • A discovery process on location to develop a strong creative concept with our client.
  • A series of in-house creative sessions to develop a strong narrative or story about the destination/product.
  • A lean and mobile production team to shoot content efficiently with a small footprint. This is based on client needs, and can include an aerial drone or other specialty filming equipment.
  • Expertise and consulting on integration and tracking of this content on the web.
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SONDER is the profound realization that there are millions of stories happening all at once, around each other, oblivious and contained from one another. Everyone you meet, even a stranger, lives a life as vivid and complex as your own.

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